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Frank Srebro 05-31-2019 08:43 AM

Super-Foxes at the Northeast SxS
For those who own a 12-gauge Super-Fox and will be at the Northeast SxS next week: I’ll have my special Super-Fox chamber gauges with me and will be happy to measure its chambers to confirm/deny righteous factory 3 IN. chambers which are of course desirable. Some few honest 3 IN. guns left the Phila factory without being stamped as such, and many other Supers both 2-3/4 and 3 IN. have been modified to 3-inch using modern reamers because the original Fox chambers have a special taper and were “cut tight” - thus were hard to load with shells on the high side of tolerance. Also I've measured many where the gunsmith went overboard with the reamer and the chambers are way oversize and over length, and that can cause ejection problems.

I’ll do this gratis because the Super is my favorite Fox and I like to see and handle them, but if you want to come by with your Super and a cold water, soda or drachm of good spirits that’s ok. You can see me under the big tent.


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