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Chris Robenalt 09-12-2020 05:25 PM

Lifting a hammer doesn't necessarily mean time to work.
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When I was younger, I swung a hammer for a living. Now that I'm older, I shoot a hammer for pleasure! As I watched the sun rise this morning, I thought of my days swinging a 2 lb hammer framing a home. This morning I was shooting a little heavier hammer, it was anything but work. As I shot these old guns, I thought of those who shot them in the past. Both guns are 140 + years old, and still doing what they were built to do. Nothing better than a cup of good coffee and the smell of gunpowder at sunrise!

Eric Estes 09-12-2020 10:59 PM

Love the lifters!

Mike Franzen 09-13-2020 09:22 AM

Great photo. Makes me want to get out there. How long are the barrels on those guns?

Chris Robenalt 09-13-2020 10:18 AM

You would love it Mike! Barrels on both are 30". They shoot like a balanced 28". Both are 12s. The straight stock is a #2 frame. The POW is a #1 frame.

davidboyles 10-06-2020 11:27 AM

Chris your picture with doves looks like one I posed in S Tx on one of my dove hunts. I shot a $125 grade Laminated steel barreled lifter this year on doves and had a blast. This gun swings so nice on a #2 frame . Had the please of getting frame a man in Az who had it from his great grandfather. I wrote an article about it last year in Parker Pages. Good hunting with your hammers. I shot many an English hammer in years past and loved them all 20,16, 12 ga.

Chris Robenalt 10-06-2020 01:39 PM

For sure David, these hammers are a blast! One day I'll find a 16 or 20 I hope. I get a kick out of guys watching me shoot them in the field. A guy asked me once, "what are you shooting, Jed Clampet's gun?" Then chuckles as he fires off 3 shots and misses. After he saw my pile of birds he looked confused with dis-belief. Which issue was your article in, I'll go back and check it out? I would like a small bore hammer for quail, it would really enhance the hunt! Hope your upcoming quail season is a great one!

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