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Craig Hahn 05-03-2018 12:08 PM

Another New guy with questions
I'm new to this forum, or any other forum, so I hope I don't make too many newbie mistakes.

I build Hot Rods, Kustoms, and bikes. Not really a gun guy per say, and just inherited my gram-pa's old Parker.
Looking to get a value.

It's a VH serial number 178106 with a 32" barrel.
I call it the Jed Clampett special.

I'll post another thread with pics and a formal request for info, as it seems this string is for introductions.

Thanks for having me

John Dallas 05-03-2018 12:40 PM

Welcome aboard!

Mills Morrison 05-03-2018 12:51 PM

Welcome Craig!

You appear to have a much worn VH. VH 12 gauges are probably the most common Parker out there. Yours has 32" barrels and longer barrels are a plus these days. Other folks on here can tell you more.

Craig Hahn 05-03-2018 01:22 PM

Thanks for the replies.
I didn't have any reason to believe it was anything special,
mostly, I just wanted to make sure before I "modified" it for home protection.

Dave Suponski 05-03-2018 02:04 PM


Jim DiSpagno 05-03-2018 02:06 PM

Please DONT modify for home protection. There are plenty of inexpensive Remington 870s and Mossberg 500s for that. And if an intruder does not recognize the distinct sound of “racking” a pump gun, then let the fun begin. That said, a PARKER shotgun of and configuration and grade will never be made again and they are a big part of American made classic sporting Arms. Clean the old girl up and have it checked out by a qualified double gun smith. Then decide on its fate. A family gun is a cherished possession.

Craig Hahn 05-03-2018 02:19 PM

Sorry, did not mean to offend.
I have no children to hand this down to.
Once I know the rough value, I'll put it on Gun Broker and use the money to buy something more appropriate.

I'll post the value request now.
Do I let folks know when it's on Gun Broker or is that not allowed.
Again, I do not mean to cause any issues.


Jim DiSpagno 05-03-2018 02:25 PM

No issues. Post some pertinent pictures here and some will give an opinion as to value to use as a guide line.

Mills Morrison 05-03-2018 02:32 PM

Pics of Craig's Parker

Craig Hahn 05-03-2018 02:43 PM

Thank you sir!
I've started a post in the general parker board as well.

Mills Morrison 05-03-2018 02:47 PM

FYI. For sale ads by non-members are not allowed. If you join ($40), there is a for sale section in the members only area. Good luck!

Robert Brooks 05-05-2018 10:54 AM

Welcome Craig and that kustom Ford truck looks great!Nice ol Parker also.Bobby

Mike Hoecherl 05-06-2018 09:49 PM

new member myself
new member questio I have been collecting old American side by sides for quite a while now I buy repair some time, restore sometimes and Resell sometimes but I finally have the grades of the guns Iíve been wanting. I am looking for barrels 30 inch or 32 inch steel that will fit a # one frame there is only one thing you need to do with an old American classic side-by-side and that is to shoot take care of it and pass it on

Kingston Wulff 09-06-2018 11:12 PM

New Member Kingston Wulff
Thanks for having me. I shoot BP pistol, metallic cartridge rifle, and now BP shotgun. I have two Parkers now; S/N 56683 and S/N 227869. The VH 227869 I bought a few years ago. My lovely wife told me to find myself a retirement present. She told me I had $300 in the budget. Well, I found this Parker VH and bought it. I told my wife I'll take my beating now -cause I went over budget badly. She forgave me!

The 56683 is a beautiful Damascus steel lady from 1889 that needs some cosmetic work. I loaded her with 2 3/4 dr. of FFg X 1 1/8 oz. #8 and shot some trap. The reach on this gun is incredible. Any help with new BP loads or Bismuth shot would be of great help.

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