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Aaron Beck 05-16-2021 09:03 PM

stock shield
So ive been repairing a vh stock which came with some cracks in the wrist. What started as a plan to make it simply usable has evolved into "doing it right". Why not. Acetone bath, epoxy repair, glass bed, staple, raise dents etc. Lots to learn and interesting. Listen to the experts when they advise restocking, its not just a sales pitch.
As I move on to sanding and refinishing I would like to fix the stock shield which is now quite proud of the wood due to past refinishing i would guess. I dont know how thick this metal is so I am left with 3 options,
1. leave it
2 file it flush and hope i dont punch through
3 remove it and re inlet

I would lean toward the last option but i dont know how to get it out. It is not yet loose and there is no raised edge to pry under. I thought i might drill out the brads and then try to lift it. Any suggestions appreciated.
any photos of one prior to install would also be useful.

Brian Dudley 05-16-2021 09:20 PM

Do not file it. You will thin it too much.

They are made of nickel silver. Which will develop a green buildup of gunk between the material and the wood over the years. This will cause it to get pushed up from the wood. Since there was no other means of fastening them originally than the two nails that are in it. So the condition of it usually is not due to refinishing. Just the natural order of things.

You should removed it, clean the backside and the inletting and re-install it. It MAY lay down nicely. But the inletting may need to be deepened some.

Aaron Beck 05-17-2021 07:23 AM

Thanks brian, thats the kind of info I needed. Have you had luck prying them out or drilling the nails or some other means?

Aaron Beck 05-17-2021 12:57 PM

Took your hint that its silver and was able to pry by digging a sharp chisel corner into the exposed edge. Worked it ip bit by bit. The brads are quite long. Corrosion and old finish underneath.

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