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scott kittredge 06-13-2021 05:48 AM

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I picked up a 30 in 20 ga fox sterlingworth deluxe in very high condition about 3 years ago that need a 6 slot Jostam anti flinch pad like the gun had on it from the factory . I found out they are hard to come by. I asked Frank Cronin to keep an eye out for one for me. He saw one come up here for sale from Scott Smith and I bought. I gave the gun to Brian Dudley this past week at the PA shoot. I just received it back sat. Wow, what a nice job !! thanks to all involved to get this gun back to new condition.

Daryl Corona 06-13-2021 06:21 AM

Very nice Scott. Where were you hiding that baby last week? You know I have a weakness for 20 ga. Foxes and a 30" SW deluxe is sweet. She would have been a contender on the Baby Whoop.:)

Harold Lee Pickens 06-13-2021 06:57 AM

Nice Scott, I have a 16 SW Deluxe, and it's pad is deteriorating. Last time I shot it was at Hausmann's several years ago. I have shot a lot of grouse and woodcock with it. I bought it around 1986 for $325.

Dean Romig 06-13-2021 07:27 AM

You were lucky to get Brian to do that for you Scott.
I PM’d Brian on Friday asking to have a couple of screws replaced on a Parker and he told me he’s not taking any more work for the rest of the year.
I’ll call Dave Fjelline tomorrow.


Scott Smith 06-13-2021 03:35 PM

Glad the pad found the right home!

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