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Aaron Beck 06-08-2021 06:30 PM

Checkering tools
I would like some quick pointers on selecting a single line checkering tools to chase over the wrist of a 1912 VH. What is the correct angle (of the tool), very little remains but enough that i can follow the pattern.

Cameron Thraen 07-15-2021 04:06 PM

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Be careful. Like Parker shotguns, difficult to have just one. Back at the start of 2020 I asked a similar question on this forum. I was starting on a simple project to fill the winter months and restore the mullered border and recut the checkering on my Parker GH forend. My intent was to acquire one tool or two. Thanks to great advice from many on this forum I now have a complete checkering shop. Photo to attest. Parker project completed and now on to take-on a total checkering project, stock and forend.

To your question, Ullman Precision Tools is hard to beat, although a bit pricey. Ullman on the lower left in photo. Get the 75 degree cutters, not the 90. They do not make a 60 degree. Top grade product and well worth the expense. All the other tools acquired on eBay or from wood working tool companies online. Good luck.

John Campbell 07-15-2021 06:31 PM

Mr. Beck:
Not intending to rain on your parade, but if you have never done chequering before, even clean up, it may be best to entrust this job to a pro. But I understand the DIY urge...

Cameron Thraen 07-16-2021 11:31 AM

I agree with Kensal. Lines on the wrist can be quite tricky. If you do go ahead then practice on an orphan stock wrist that you can afford to make mistakes. I received this advice and practiced on an orphaned fore end extensively before touching my Parker fore end.

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